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Joalia Hospitality is a multi-disciplinary hospitality marketing agency serving individual operators, restaurant groups, and PR agencies. Servicing New York City and South Florida.

Balancing the
responsibilities placed on the modern restaurant

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Growth Oriented

We are creators, designers, social media gurus, & tech enthusiasts.

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Why this agency
Who we are
Results Oriented

Never Cookie Cutter

We serve a wide variety of clients including bars, bakeries, and large restaurant groups.

Bars & Gastropubs
Irish pubs to cocktail bars
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Fine dining to casual
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By the slice or pizzabar
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Cafes & Bakeries
Grab and go to coffee
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F&B E-Commerce
Website and fullfillment
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Restaurant Groups
Portfolio management
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"If I had no experience in the restaurant industry, I’d have no business marketing it."

Alyssa Joanlanne
CEO & Founder

Joalia Hospitality Andrew Drewchin Tech Of House
Joalia Hospitality Andrew Drewchin Tech Of House
Joalia Hospitality Andrew Drewchin Tech Of House
Joalia Hospitality Andrew Drewchin Tech Of House

Partners & Collaborators

Restaurant Groups

Aligning restaurant concepts for a unified brand impact with detailed insights on customer behavior.

Unified brand identity
Planning & Strategy
Blended Analytics

PR Agencies

Campaign optimization analysis & hospitality-specific services for strategic enhancement.

Technology Backend
Content Creation
Custom Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Joalia Hospitality.

Do you provide brand launch services?
Certainly! At Joalia, we have a wealth of experience in launching new brands and helping businesses establish a solid foundation for success. Our expertise ranges from foundational branding, which includes custom web design and style guides, to setting up digital platforms and digital business verifications. However, that's just the beginning of what we can offer. We understand that launching a new business can be overwhelming, which is why we pride ourselves on our adaptability and ability to flex custom marketing strategies to suit your unique brand. We want your brand to stand out and have longevity, so you can rest assured that we'll work tirelessly to achieve that. If you're interested in learning more, contact us for an introductory call today!
Why do you only work within the hospitality marketing industry?
Our team has a slew of both front-of-house and back-of-house experience within the restaurant industry. We collectively witnessed as review sites and social media swept through the industry without any input from the businesses they were affecting. At Joalia, we acutely understand the challenges, opportunities, and—most importantly—how to get ahead of the B.S. so restaurants can focus on doing what they do best.
How are your services structured?
Each of our annual marketing packages are customized to fit the needs of your business. We get that it’s frustrating to deal with multiple points of contact with zero intercommunication between the entire marketing team. We’ve been there, and we’ve set out to change the way business is done. With a Joalia partnership, each of your digital marketing needs is centralized under one umbrella, and your Marketing Manager takes care of everything—so you don’t have to.
Do you build websites and landing pages?
Absolutely. By combining the latest software tools and our intimate knowledge of the restaurant industry, our design process ensures longterm site health and approachable authenticity.
Do I have to have a big budget for a Joalia Partnership?
The short answer—no! We offer different combinations of consultative and digital marketing services for various business sizes and budgets. Contact us to schedule an introductory meeting.

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