We have seen the industry change.

Technology has fundamentally altered the way the hospitality industry engages with their customers. With experience in both front-of-house and back-of-house, our team saw how delivery apps, review sites, and social media swept into the industry without any input from within the industry itself.

Traditionally, restaurants and their customers have had a tightly coupled relationship governed by their neighborhood and immediate community alone.

For centuries, the industry has catered to customers and rightly built a culture hyper-focused on the dining experience itself: Good food. Good atmosphere. Good people. Voilà!

But, seemingly overnight it all changed, blindsiding restaurant owners and their staff.

The internet created a new universe for how customers engage with hospitality businesses consequently requiring a new skill set far outside the scope of regular operations. To this day, most restaurants are still playing catch-up.

Our mission is to rebalance the playing field. We'll meet you where you are, start with the basics, and grow with you.

The Joalia team acutely understands the challenges, opportunities, and, most importantly, how to get ahead of the B.S., so restaurants can go back to doing what they do best.

Joalia Hospitality is built on three core themes.


We are rooted in the hospitality industry with a combined experience of over 30 years working either front of house or back of house. We remain closely connected to the community as we build our services.


We are digital storytellers inspired by authenticity. From graphic design, to video creation, to copywriting, to professional photography, the content that we create will always be unique to your business.


We rigorously track the evolving technology landscape, providing our clients with the latest tools to effectively plan ahead, organize staffing and manage longterm marketing operations.

Meet our team

Our team draws upon extensive experience in the hospitality industry everyday.

Lauren Bialkowski
Creative Director

Lauren is a formally trained chef and strategic content creating powerhouse.

Andrew Drewchin
Technology Director

You know all of this technology we speak of? Andrew is obsessed with it.

Alyssa Joanlanne
Founder, Team lead

Alyssa is your marketing consultant, your brand ambassador, and partner.

We're hiring!

Part-time and internship positions available. Hospitality experience required.

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