Think about veggies in a new way!

The 232 Bleecker team utilizes locally sourced, fresh ingredients to create inventive, mouthwatering dishes. This quaint spot, with an airy dining room, features an open kitchen with a hearth oven as the centerpiece. In addition to the beautiful space, the staff is extremely friendly and pleasant to talk to.

Always something new

Since they offer a seasonal menu, you always have the opportunity to try something new! They serve dinner during the week and offer brunch and dinner on the weekends. Their cocktail menu also focuses on seasonal produce like carrots in their Carrot Crush cocktail featuring fresh carrot juice, vermouth, lime, and angostura bitters.

My favorites

Some of my favorite dishes from them this summer include: the Veggie Cheeseburger (DISCLAIMER: this is the most indulgent and delicious veggie burger you'll ever have), the Beet & Strawberry Salad, and the Buckwheat Crepes from the brunch menu. Let's start with the Veggie Cheeseburger - this burger is loaded with cheese because cheese makes everything better! They throw a handful of shredded cheese on top of the plancha, let that melt and start to form a crispy crust on the bottom, while they place the veggie burger on top of the melted side so that the burger is essentially covered entirely in delicious, melty cheese. YUM! The Beet & Strawberry Salad pairs seemingly unexpected ingredients together to create a harmonious balance of flavors. Picture this: sweet strawberries, earthy beets, floral shiso, and spicy & acidic ginger - the perfect, refreshing bite! Lastly, let's talk about this Buckwheat Crepe. This specific type of crepe hails from Brittany, France. The Chefs put a play on this classic by combining the nutty flavor of buckwheat with soft scrambled eggs, earthy shiitake mushroom ragu, creamy ricotta, and swiss chard, which offers a slightly bitter, yet mildly sweet note. Breakfast just got a whole lot better!

Hurry on down to the West Village to check out 232 Bleecker and get your veg fill today!

Lauren Bialkowski
Creative Director

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